Paying for shipping sucks, so how bout we stop that?

We are always striving to be able to offer you guys fair prices. Fact.

I’ve done some research lately and I’m surprised to have found that the costs our competitors are charging to ship you your cosmetics (and even the way they go about shipping fees in general) pretty much sucks.

Here are some of the characters I’ve come across.

The Wolf of Wall Street

That Company that has all their prices in a different currency so it’s super misleading as to what you will actually have to pay them at the end. Sometimes they have the option to display prices in New Zealand Dollars but you have to make sure you convert to NZD correctly because some companies won’t have the current conversion rate. Some of these Wolves will quote you the items as NZD but at checkout their payment gateway can’t handle the conversion rate and will only process one currency (normally US Dollars) so you get charged in US Dollars, your shipping is US Dollars and you’ve just wasted your time thinking it was ever going to be processed as NZD. They shouldn’t even offer to quote you in NZD in the first place, it is completely misleading you. To make matters worse, your bank does the conversion rate and you can get charged a “Foreign Currency Transaction Fee” which is around 1-2% (eg $100 spent = $2.00 Foreign Currency Transaction Fee) plus the exchange rate conversion is always done at a rate which is worst for you (you’ll never get the better end of the stick.) The bank literally makes this shit up. The bank charges you a fee for service and then doesn’t give you any service at all. What the heck!

The Slim Shady

You’re having a great time, sipping your wine, listening to Biebs, chucking all you wish into your cart. You scroll down to pay.. and that’s when they choose to tell you how much your shipping costs?? And you have to calculate your “duties fee” IF you may have to pay one because even though they may try their best to avoid you getting these costs, you are the one that will get it. These guys wait until you’ve already gotten super excited by adding all your goodies into your cart and you’ve entered your card details ready to check out when they slap the fee on you. This is a sales technique called “funnelling”. They hype you up to the edge of the funnel and push you. You’re sucked in so badly it’s too late to get out. You’ve paid and you get the dreaded “Buyer’s Remorse”. It’s too much of a hassle to send back the products (you have to pay for that shipping as well) and they don’t offer refunds when nothing is technically wrong. But you just know you’ve been ripped off.

The Hoodwinker

Some companies are just plain supplying fake products and even second hand, used but “cleaned” products. Some of the imitations are blatantly obvious thankfully but some are quite hard to detect!
Before giving these companies your hard-earned cash, look for these signs on their website.

  • Buy from authentic resellers (like us!). We get our products straight from the source. Places like Amazon and TradeMe can be unreliable for safe, genuine products. You will most likely receive a product that has already been used. Kinda gross.
  • If they sound too good to be true, it probably is. No genuine MAC product will ever be cheap. I’m sorry.
  • No returns policy. They won’t even let you know how to get your money back? Run.

The Couch Potato

You’re smashing an avo on Vogels before work when you realise.. “where the FLIP is my parcel?? It’s been ages!”
You email the company and you don’t hear back all day.

And the next day.
And the next day..
You start to panic. “Have they nicked my money?” “How hard is it to reply to your customers??”
You remember to look at their shipping info. “Orders shipped to New Zealand may take up to 1…. to 26 days”?!
Um… What the heck!? There is a huge difference between 1 and 26 days. That’s 600 hours. And if you wanted express shipping (1-3 days, so it IS possible for quicker arrival!) you’d have to pay $20?? As if.
You decide to just wait but the novelty has worn off and you’ll have a nagging anxious vibe in the back of your mind until it arrives.
It arrives on working day 16 and you kind of resent it now.. Good times..

The Maverick

Side Note: Not sure if you guys know, but there is a lot of discussion at the political level about GST being charged on imported products so if this comes into law, consumers will need to be super on to it to ensure they do not get charged by NZ Customs for GST and handling and Duties AND administration charges. This will double or triple the cost of your cosmetics.

The Maverick has already paid NZ Customs for GST, the handling fees, the administration charges and the Duties tax so you know what your complete price is before you buy.

The Maverick’s prices already include GST because who the heck can be bothered figuring that out after a couple vinos?

They also provide overnight delivery with tracking! Phew!

The alpha Maverick (Meegs) also has her customer emails hooked up to her phone. Her Instagram is always logged into @maverickcosmetica so you can DM her on there. Also, her Facebook app is hooked up to the Maverick page so she will always have you guys wherever she goes ☺

And remember if you have joined The Tribe (spent $100 once with us) you are freight free forever and you can have the convenience of shopping in trackpants and no makeup with your vino but have no dramas. Let Megan do the work for you, k?

So what I’m saying is, be careful about overseas websites especially when the changes come in around GST, Duties and Customs fees. Be careful about shipping costs and shipping times.

Also let me take all the hassle and time and risk out of the process.
Support us, we are just like you.
Kiwis bringing you fair prices with mint service, tips and some fun too!

Keep being you,

Megan xo
shipping blog final image


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