Who the hell are we?

“She’s mad, but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire”

-Charles Bukowski

Oh Hey!

Welcome to The Blog where everything makeup is finally broken down and translated into English.
Because makeup should be fun, you shouldn’t have to work for it!

But first let me (no not take a selfie, for once) ask you a question.

Do you ever go out to meet your girls and they all look hot af and you’re just there like…
1.“How the HECK did you do that?” You’ve seen her fresh faced and you KNOW those cheekbones are an optical illusion.
2.“How the HECK do you have time to do that?” There is literally negative time after work. You’re pretty sure you OWE time if anything. Plus, you already spent all of your pre party energy on blow drying your hair, straightening it (well, just the bit where the hair tie made it kink) and eventually, compromising on your outfit (team “wearing this again because no one there saw me in it at last nights gig”)

3.“Dang.. I wish I could do that..”

We have all felt this way at some stage.
I felt this way pretty much every time I logged onto Instagram. There are so many talented babes out there!
It’s all well and good buying everything they mention under their photos but how the hell do you apply it? And wtf is baking?! After all, us kiwi girls know spending our hard earned cash needs to be worth it! Not to mention waiting a thousand years for shipping (seriously why, America? They don’t know how lucky they are to have drugstore prices! Where is our drugstore!?)
That’s why I started Maverick Cosmetica.
We are 100% committed to achieving fair for all prices and getting you your goodies as quickly as we can with our overnight shipping.
And here on The Blog you will find so many hacks to save face, product how to’s and always provide you with some serious inspo to help you start finding what works, setting your own trends and stand out from the sheeple.
So yeah! Please don’t be shy! You can always hit me up on megan@maverickcosmetica.co.nz if you have any questions and suggestions on how we can keep our shit legit, I’d love to chat with you!
And hey, join the tribe get amongst our Instagram @maverickcosmetica, give us an old like on Facebook www.facebook.com/maverickcosmetica for more inspo, sweet competitions, y’know all that good stuff!

Btw..Why not add a cheeky hashtag #maverickcosmetica to your makeup pics and get your selfies featured on our site!

Keep being you,

Megan xo
Blog image final


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