‘Tis better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.

“Are you ready yet?”

You jump. You were so deep in concentration, the mascara wand leaps straight in the eye.

Probably the most annoying question you can be asked while you are rushing to do your makeup. Each time you are harassed with this question it adds a layer of frustration which leads to more and more silly little mistakes that set your time back even further.

The next thing you hear is the car starting.

You look at your one complete eyebrow, standing strong. The other one, weak, naked and bald stares back at you.

How can you avoid this stressful scenario to begin with?
The obvious answer is to simply get up earlier, but don’t you know that is just too much to ask of us?



Solution 1: Prioritise.

I’ve been staring at my face, and painting myself a new one, mostly every day for 12 years. I know this mug inside and out and I am well aware of every single flaw I own and gain as the years go by.

Whilst I don’t recommend you become as insecure and obsessed as I have been, I do think it helps to be able to identify what specific areas you’d like to correct instead of thinking it all has to look Instagram worthy.

For me, it’s my skin tone and brows. So I know if I’m under time pressure to go there first.

Once you understand yourself and see it as just minor areas to correct to give you confidence, that it’s not your entire face that needs fixing, you can find a look that you can be comfortable with that isn’t a full face of makeup.


Solution 2: Patience.

The worst thing you can do? Rush. All those sayings are absolutely true.
“Slow and steady wins the race”
“Liquid eyeliner can sense your fear”

The fact of the matter is, the more you rush the wider the chances are for you to make mistakes.
Put some chill music on like Ben Howard or something (does anyone else measure time by how many songs have been played?) and just take it one step at a time.


Solution 3: Eyeliner

Don’t even bother with a wing, babe.
Even if you’re a pro with winging it, something like your boyfriend sneezing so damn loud can give you a fright that will just f**k everything up. It’s not worth it.
Use an angled eyeshadow brush and a pencil (matte eyeshadows can give fallout and smear up on your eyelid later, not ideal) to define your eyes in an effect that is totally natural.

This video on one of the best channels on Youtube can show you what I mean. (skip to 5:05 for the eyeliner)



Quickie tips:

  • Start with a tinted moisturiser, it’ll start the correcting process whilst giving a good base for foundation.
  • Use a sponge to apply your foundation, it’s way quicker than a brush to blend out.
  • Use bronzer to lightly contour and add dimension, it’s easier to get away with lightly blending bronzer than a dense contour shade that takes more time to blend out.
  • Instead of precisely lining your lips just put the lipstick on straight from the stick then wipe out the middle and “smoosh” lips together to blend. The outer of your lips will be darker than the middle making them appear fuller.
  • Just whack your mascara on, don’t spend time being too careful with it. It’s so much faster to just get it on your eyelid by accident, do something else and then come back to it when it’s dry and flake it off with a dry cotton bud.
  • Put down the kabuki and realise you aren’t perfect and this will just have to do for today.



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