What the heck do I even buy?

Knowing what makeup to buy is becoming increasingly difficult.

I have been feeling as though my brain is awash with constant suggestions of brands and products by Youtubers and Beauty Bloggers on various social media platforms. Can’t they just pick one??

How do I know what these influencers are saying is legitimate? How much do they get paid to “love” and be “obsessed with” these brands? It is all just getting a bit too much like hard work.

But it actually doesn’t have to be.

The first thing is to Remove The Stigma.

It actually is not that hard. If I can do it, I promise you that you can too. All it takes is a bit of practice, and take the time to read about makeup. Just immerse yourself for a bit in articles. Cosmopolitan literally taught me so much in my teens. They’re so easy to read and give you inspiration. Find out what colours suit you, if you’re not a redhead get an ash toned brow powder. Cool tone shades are anyones best bet.

Get Educated.

Knowing what the great and reliable brands are is as easy as typing into Google and seeing who has been around for how long. Who has stood the testament of time?
This is how I came across Senna Cosmetics and Gleam by Melanie Mills. These brands are created by celebrity status Makeup Artists who know exactly what works because they have been living and breathing the industry for decades. Eugenia Weston created the perfect three-toned form-a-brow kit so anyone can achieve flawless, realistic brows and also so Makeup Artists don’t have to waste time attempting to sculpt realistic brows with an angled brush and single block colour pomade, they can just whip on the stencil and be done with it.
She invented these products 30 years ago. Three decades.
Melanie Mills came out with products a year ago that have since been ripped off by the same Insta-hyped brand that ripped Senna off. Gleam by Melanie Mills and Senna Cosmetics are integrity and innovation personified.

I believe if you are truly passionate about makeup, supporting these Artists is extremely important and to not get brainwashed by the latest rip off Insta-hype product is truly a virtue.

This leads in to what people really need to realise about the world we live in today and that’s the utmost importance of Voting With Your Dollar.
Whether it’s the food you buy or the clothes you wear, everything has a story of how it gets to you. Think about that story and decide if you want to support that story by giving it life. Feeding the story with your money makes it stronger and creates a world we live in.

And enjoy it. Play with it. Have fun. Makeup isn’t supposed to be about hard work.

Keep being you

Megan xo
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