What the hell are we about?

A couple of weeks ago I let my friends and family on Facebook in on my little secret.
That I had been working on something that is a piece of me and will reflect everything I believe in.
This company: Maverick Cosmetica.

Owning my own company is the most challenging and empowering privilege and something I am grateful for, daily.

This company is about so much more than just me.
I bought Doll Me Up last October (2015) and it came with stock already on the website.
These brands don’t necessarily match my personal views on what should be used as they don’t support my current lifestyle of being vegan and eating a plant based diet, but that’s for a different blog!
I continue to sell these products on my site as I believe it is best to:

1. Give my existing customers what they want


  1. Create enough of an audience to then be able to speak out about why cruelty free and vegan products are the best option. Because right now, maybe I’m speaking to a nearly empty room. How many people  apart from myself will read this blog? Perhaps not many!

After sharing the Maverick Facebook page on my personal wall, I was tagged in a public post showing graphic photos of animals being tested on in labs by someone I used to sort of know.
I untagged myself and messaged him.
Here is that conversation.


And that is why kindness is paramount. (And veganism is only kindness, after all).

I believe that in this world, you vote with your dollar.
You choose the world you want to live in. Who do you want to succeed? Who do you support? Do you want someone to succeed who is just taking from the world and not giving anything in return?

That is why I want to help educate you and help you live in congruence with your values.
My logic was to not just stock vegan only products at this stage because then only vegans will be motivated to buy.
They already know that veganism is the future for the environment, for the animals and for personal health.
So I thought, ‘why not cast the net wide and open up the information to more than just vegans and see what happens?’ Essentially, a means to an end.

It’s cool to change your mind, change it again and maybe even again. Because change is movement. Movement means you’re alive.
And I’ve changed my mind. Again.

I now want to actively support vegan and/or cruelty free brands through Maverick whilst still providing non vegan products during a phase over period
Why wait any longer?
Also, it is important to me to support New Zealand businesses that are like-minded with myself.
I want to help fellow kiwis achieve their dreams.

So if you are reading this (thank you! Hope you’re having a great day) and know of a cool kiwi brand we should be supporting through Maverick, please contact me megan@maverickcosmetica.co.nz and let me know.

dollar quote

Keep being you

Megan xo


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