Explain like I’m 5 – Part One

Sometimes it’s best to keep sh** simple. So I’ll try!


  • Why does my contour/ bronzer / blush make my face look “muddy”?

If it looks like any powder you’ve put on top of your foundation has been smeared on by a toddler, then you may want to take a look at how clean your makeup brushes are.
Dirty brushes won’t distribute the product evenly and can gather in certain spots.
Clean your brushes once a fortnight minimum. Once a week if you use them every day. K?
Make sure you moisturise, don’t over powder, apply gradually and blend with a separate, clean brush.

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  • Why does my eyeliner end up on my eyelid?

I’ll answer this by asking another question, do you have hooded eyelids? Hooded eyelids feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller (aka you can’t see your crease)


This means the eyeliner will rub against the layer of skin and will transfer up.

What you can do:

  1. Use a primer and water resistent liquid liner.
  2. Get a angled eyeshadow brush and dab a matte eyeshadow in the matching shade of your eyeliner over the eyeliner to set it.

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  • Why do I get told to use coloured concealers? (Yellow, green, pink etc) won’t that make my foundation go gross?

Mastering the art of concealer has a lot to do with understanding the basics of color correction.
Remember the colour wheel back in art class?

We learnt way back then that opposite colours are complimentary, or in this case, cancel each other out.

Green is opposite red and so will be a great concealer to cancel out any redness from acne on your face. If you have rosacea or any widespread redness, a green toned primer is your best bet.

Pink (more like salmon/peachy tones) are ideal for lighter, fairer skin tones, brightening around the eye area. This particular concealer colour is a mixture of red, orange, and yellow hues, which are across from the blue, purple, and green hues on the colour wheel. That’s why this colour is best to combat dark under eye circles.

Orange Concealers are not ideal for those with lighter skin tones. This colour is perfect for people with darker skin tones looking to hide dark circles or other spots with deep discoloration.

Yellow concealers are perfect for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins, and under eye circles.

If you’re looking a bit dull and pasty, a purple primer on the entire face will cancel out any yellow undertones and brighten your complexion. And a concealer does wonders for yellowish bags under the eyes. And, you guessed it, purple is opposite yellow on the colour wheel.


White concealers are best used sparingly and for highlighting areas on your face. So, when you’re highlighting and contouring your cheekbones, dab a little on your upper cheek bones, dotted right under your eyes in a “V” form blending outward towards your ears. You can also use this in the inner and outer corners of your eyes to appear more awake, under your brow bone for a subtle brow highlight, down the middle of your nose and in your cupid’s bow for a perfectly highlighted face.

Neutral concealers are the easiest, just go the same shade or a shade lighter than your foundation (this is easier to blend out than if it were darker) and use on any spots that may show through. Use a brush and dab your skin with the brush, wiping will take away coverage whereas the dabbing gets the concealer into the nooks of the blemish.

Now you have counter acted your discolouration, it’s time to make it look like your normal skin tone.

Just grab your favourite foundation, and apply with a brush or sponge in that same dabbing motion I mentioned before. This will just blend together nicely without taking away that colour correction work.

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  • How do I get my eyebrows even?

Somehow, the hype for having the best “brow game” has become the goal for girls thanks to social media. I’ve been filling in my brows since I was 13 so I’ve learnt a few skills along the way.

To ensure your brows frame your face and compliment your features, look at your hair colour and your eye shape.

Your brows should be a shade darker than your hair colour and if you have black hair, a shade lighter is most flattering. Black brows can be harsh and cartoonish. Sweet if that’s something you don’t care about, I’m all about it being obvious I have makeup on! I really dgaf. I carved these bad boys out to be the main feature, that’s just my style. So up to you!

Look at your eye shape, your brows (the “head”) should begin where your inner eye corners start. Guide this point by holding your angled eyeshadow brush straight up and dot with an eyebrow pencil so you know where to begin.

Your arch should be straight up from the outer edge (toward your ear) of your iris (the coloured bit of your eye) and mark there with the pencil.

The end of your brow (the “tail”) should be in alignment with the corner of your nose (where your nostril is) and the outer corner of your eye. So move that brush diagonally and make sure the tail is long enough.  If the tail is too short it can make your nose appear bigger. Eek.

If you cbf with that (fair enough) just grab an eyebrow stencil and hold it up and fill in.

These stencils have all the guides I mentioned before so it takes out all the thinking! Dope.

To get your brows to be the star, grab your lightest concealer and a flat concealer brush. Coat the brush in concealer and run the edge of the brush under your brows on the brow bone to “carve” out the brow.  Add your favourite highlighter eyeshadow to set the concealer.

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If you have any makeup questions email me or message the Facebook page, I’ll reply straight away and you’ll be having fun applying makeup in no time. It shouldn’t have to be hard work!

Keep being you


Megan xo





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