Explain like I’m 5 – Part Two

Back at it again with the makeup Q&A!

  • What the hell is baking and strobing, do I need to even bother?

Well, firstly, don’t feel like you need to do anything that you’re not comfortable with!
Baking (or “cooking) your makeup is a term used for the old school drag queen technique for setting and highlighting your face all in one.
The queens always know best!

You use a lighter shade of concealer under your eyes and under the contour of your cheek bone to “carve out” or accentuate your facial features.
Put a coating of a loose translucent powder or banana powder (using a sponge) on the concealed areas and let it sit there while you move on to another area of makeup (like brows for example) allowing the heat of your skin to “bake” (or set) the concealer and foundation. You then dust it off with a large, clean powder brush for a creaseless finish!

Strobing is just slang for highlighting (accentuating the points of your face you’d like to stand out, for example your cheek bones and brow bones). It creates a gorgeous, dewy finish but be careful not to end up looking less glowing and more like a cardio aftermath.

To do this, always prep your skin by using a hydrating moisturiser.
Use a highlighter that matches your skin tone.
Fair = Champagne tones
Light-Medium = Pink champagne tones
Olive= Golden tones
Deep = Bronze tones

Use where the light naturally hits your face.
Brow bone, cheek bone, straight down your nose and in the middle of your upper lip (the “cupids bow”) and a little on the lower centre of your forehead. Blend, blend, blend.

Keep all other face powders (like your bronzer) matte.

Best concealer

Best banana powder

Best translucent powder

Best sponge

Best brush

Best moisturiser

Best highlighters

  • How can I make my lips look bigger but not obviously fake?


Kylie Jenner set the benchmark for the full lip trend but not everyone can afford lip fillers or want the painful experience of them.
So instead, use a lip scrub to get dead skin cells off and get blood stimulated to your lips. This will plump them up already to help you see what you can achieve with makeup.
Apply a generous amount of lip balm and grab a sharp lip liner that is like your natural lip colour but one shade darker.
Start at the outer edges of your lips (by the corners of your mouth) and using light, feather strokes, draw upwards to the top of your lip. You can go slightly above the natural line but be mindful of how far you go. If you think you may have gone too far, I promise you, you have.
Tidy up any mistakes using a small brush with concealer.
Use a lighter lipstick on your lips and dab a bit of your highlighter in the middle of your lips.
Take a matte bronzer and lightly dust some under your lower lip to create a slight shadow, making your bottom lip appear more pouty.

Best lip balm

Best lip liner

Best brush

  • How can I change my eye shape to be more in proportion to the rest of my features?

Firstly, figure out what eye shape you have.

Round eyes can come across as even larger if your eyeshadow shade is over the middle of your lid. In order to elongate (stretch out to the side) your eye, focus on applying darker eyeshadow shades on the outer corners of your eyelid in a < or > shape, almost as though you’re creating a corner with the shadow. Apply a lighter shade across the lid, then a medium shade through the crease of your eyelid to transition to the lighter highlight shade on your brow bone.

If you have close-set eyes, you may feel like you have smaller eyes and wish to enlarge them to balance your other features. Applying darker product towards the inner corner of your eye will only accentuate how close-set they are. Instead, use a highlighter shade on the inner corners of your eyes and keep darker eyeshadows on the outer edge of the eye. Use a white or champagne toned eyeliner on the lower lash line from the inner corner to half way. This will leave you with a brighter, wide-eyed look.

Heavy-lidded eyes or “mono eyelids” should always work their product from the lash line upwards and focus on your lashes, they make such a big difference if you accentuate these using false or lash extensions because the lid kind of goes straight to the lash line so you mostly don’t get to see any eyeshadow at all. Use a foundation brush and wipe under your eye to the outer edge, lifting upwards to create a flattering “lift” shape. Use an eyeshadow from the lash line blending upwards, concentrating the majority of the product close to the lash line.

If you have smaller eyes, similar advice to the close – set eyes, use a lighter shadow on the inner corners and use a light eyeshadow or a reflective eyeshadow on the centre of your lid. Use the white or champagne toned eyeliner along the entire lower lash line.



I hope that helps!

If you have any makeup questions you’d like me to answer, please email me at megan@maverickcosmetica or message the facebook page www.facebook.com/maverickcosmetica

I’d love to chat

Keep being you!

Megan xo


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