Your Customer Service will make or break you

When you give your money to a company, you are giving them your time that you spent away from your friends and family to earn that money.
You are giving them your trust that they will provide you with the product or service that you are promised at a decent level.

Now maybe I overthink things, but I take the fact of giving and receiving money very seriously.

When I pay for something and it doesn’t work out the way the provider promised, I expect to be heard and the problem attended to straight away and with empathy.

Now, I know it isn’t just me with this expectation.
A lot of people I’ve asked about their experience with various companies have expressed similar views and we all seem to echo the same thought “why can’t they just be straight up with me?”

Without exaggerating, about 8 times out of 10 I will have a less than satisfactory experience with a company.

This tells me that those companies who let us down simply do not care.

Whether it’s spending the most part of an hour on the phone to them being kicked about like a hackey sack, passed from person to person who contradicts their predecessor and goes around in circles not really answering my question to the point where it becomes obvious, they just don’t know.

Or the person you’re dealing with gives you the sass and attitude like you’re being unreasonable for wanting them to get their job done correctly.

Or maybe they have lowkey added in a “surcharge” that you have never had to pay before and they only introduced this to you at the final stages of payment.

Or perhaps you’re left feeling extremely uneasy that the goods will actually arrive.

It comes down to communication.

If these companies just laid everything down on the table, no hidden crap up their sleeves to whip out on you, no hideous jargon designed to confuse you and make you think you don’t know any better than they do (having your intelligence insulted could be the worst actually) if they kept you in the loop at each stage so they aren’t leaving you in the dark (a quick update email takes merely a minute) if they just realised and believed that they wouldn’t have a job without you, the customer, and were grateful for your custom then maybe shit would actually get done well, on time and with respect.

Maybe it’s too much to ask to hold others up to my level of expectation but it’s really not that hard.

I love you guys and I know how crap it feels to be mucked around.

One of the most annoying things about buying online is wanting to return your product but you have to pay for shipping, organise it all yourself and the company hardly bothers to respond to you. It’s your problem not theirs.
If you have a problem with our products I will replace or refund in full at no cost, I’ll organise the courier! That’s my promise to you.

If you ever feel any of these emotions or anything negative at all when dealing with Maverick, I want to know about it. Hell, I need to know about it.

Everyone makes mistakes, I get that. But like they used say at LV Martins “it’s the putting right that counts”.
And that’s what I pledge at Maverick as well.

If you ever have an issue with us or any company, I encourage you to speak up about it.

You’re helping that company so much by speaking up and telling them how it is, just like you want them to be with you. Feedback, good or bad, literally holds its weight in gold and I mean it when I say I love hearing from you guys.

You can make a difference in a company and you can be heard.


Never apologise for having a backbone and keep being you.


Megan xo

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5 thoughts on “Your Customer Service will make or break you

  1. Having been in customer service for over 30years things have really changed. There are so many rude people calling and making mountains out of mole hills. Remember the person on the end of the phone is a PERSON! No one goes to work with the mindset of making the customers life difficult. wait times are inevitable so if the company offers a call back service use that, you usually get called back sooner than waiting, use social media – keep to the point ranting about everything but the issue helps no one. Be kind to the person at the end of the phone, that person may be so frustrated with queues and expectations to solve every call within a short time frame. Please don’t swear all that does is get a negative response it’s hard to help someone who just carries on like a spoilt child, you just want to hang up and move to the next call. Most of all if you have a helpful person give them positive feedback every one loves to be complimented. I have been told I should look for another job as I was rude to the customer, I had to repeat everything 3 times to this caller. Seriously I thought she was an idiot but I thanked her for her feedback and disconnected the call. At no time did I raise my voice or change my tone. The next caller gave me a fantastic compliment at my patience and understanding..go figure. Please don’t rant about the company and how it’s not me but the company, use another forum for that. I take over 100 calls a day and some days follow really well and customers are great others you want to rip your hair out and smash someone. This is my response from the other side if the phone. Take care Megs and keep up your fantastic work


    1. Hi Leanne thank you for your comment!
      Indeed, I don’t condone the behaviour of a petulant child either, I don’t think I have suggested to my readers that that behaviour is the way forward.
      Of course there should be a balance of respect between the company and the customer; “treat those how you’d wish to be treated” is a common value we share.
      Also, this is the perfect forum for expressing my opinion on certain matters as it is my blog page.
      However..That’s not what this blog post is about.
      This blog post is about companies not doing their bit for their customers, not following through with promises and customers not giving feedback because they feel they will not be heard. Because a lot of companies who offer a call back actually don’t go through with it. The customer waits and waits and there’s no call back so more time is wasted leading to other issues eg bills being unpaid which is highly stressful for the customer resulting in an anxious person calling the next time.
      I think that a lot of problems the customer experiences are due to the companies lack of understanding their customer and outdated policies. New Zealand companies seem to have a “race to the bottom” mentality which doesn’t sit well with me and I want to raise the bar with Maverick.
      The point of disrespectful and misunderstanding customers vs the ideal customer and how that affects the staff member is a completely different subject and for someone else to blog about.
      I have worked in a call centre myself and I couldn’t handle it because of these people you speak of. Not helped by the companies policies on certain issues made absolutely no sense to me or the customer. Perhaps if companies reviewed their policies regularly to keep up with the times and reflect the feedback from customers, their staff may not be so stressed with unrealistic expectations. Speaking as someone from the other side of the phone also. It sounds like you are doing a great job!
      I have experienced both sides of the coin and this is the perception I have been left with, which I am grateful for because I can use it to positively fuel my endeavour to treat my customers exceptionally well.
      To treat them as I would like to be treated.
      Thank you again for your comment I really appreciate the feedback!


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