A Train Of Thought …

We’re getting deep this week, come take a dive into my mind …

Do you ever just sit at your happy place like the beach or in the forest and get thinking?

Getting real deep on your shit like how far you’ve come, how beautiful life is, how hard you’ve worked to get to this point and that if you had done anything differently then maybe you wouldn’t be where you are now?

Do you ever think how far you still have to go, but because you actually want to get there, it’s now exciting instead of daunting?

About how now you can rely on yourself to carry you through?

And yeah, it’s heavy shit, but like most people, you’ve now learnt how to put pain to the side.

Every now and then have a good cry and allow yourself to feel what demands to be felt but now it’s only a bad 5 minutes instead of a bad day, which used to seep into a bad week and then a bad month and a bad year, next thing you know it’s a decade later and you’re still hurt.

Don’t listen to anyone else about how to deal with your shit, don’t even listen to me!

If you can find something that actually helps you, whether that’s going for a walk with a mate or by yourself, talking to someone that’s passed away, or writing a public blog post lol then that is what you should do and fuck anyone who tries to judge you!

Living authentically, with passion and love, is cool.
It’s way more fun! Not being afraid to cut out anything or anyone that you feel is holding you back from prospering is definitely a good idea.

Everyone’s problem is a problem if it’s a problem.

Chew that one round for a bit.

My good friends reminded me of something I had said after a bend one time “just because I haven’t eaten in a year and you haven’t eaten in a week doesn’t mean I’m hungrier than you are. We’re both hungry”

Everyone’s problems are a deal the universe has dealt so that you can learn the lessons you need to learn, and get to the places you’re supposed to be.

Earth is school for the soul.

Everyone has their own positives and own negatives. Try not to compare someone else’s highlight reel to your behind the scenes.

No one can have yin without the yang.


In saying that, I don’t believe everything happens for a reason because sometimes horrendous shit just happens in life and there’s literally nothing good about that event.

Maybe sometimes you just have to carry it with you and find a way to accept it.
That can make you into a better friend / parent / child / sibling ’cause you’ve actually experienced some flip sides to the regular Main Street life.

Whoever became a good sailor from calm seas?

You’ve crashed into a million pieces, you find yourself now having to scrape them all back up. You cut your hands trying to put them together again (and again) and then all of a sudden, you’ve done it!

It is part of your history, not something to disguise.

Your right people, your tribe, your family, will see that in you and see you as more beautiful and special because of your fucking spirit.

So cheers to you, grab yourself a wine and have a bloody good weekend. You deserve it. xx

Megan is the CEO of Maverick Cosmetica.
Maverick is a New Zealand online makeup store out of Megan’s home in the beautiful Kāpiti Coast.
All orders $50+ receive FREE shipping NZ wide


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