My Natural Skincare Routine

After last weeks blog about my insecurity with my natural skin, I thought I’d let you in on what skincare I use to help me feel my most confident!


I’ve been using Antipodes Natural Skincare on and off for the past 4 years. I started using it when I worked in pharmacy and I was offered samples to try and it made my skin feel beautiful it was all I’d recommend to customers.

The only reason I stopped using Antipodes after my pharmacy job was simply because I got lazy af.
I was literally just using makeup wipes at night and my cleanser was shampoo when I showered. I moisturised very occasionally with a moisturiser given to me for christmas by my nana.


I know.

Anyway, since I am definitely one to name names, I’ve tried other supermarket brands like Nivea, which stripped my skin of its natural oils so my skin over-produced oil to compensate and I got loads of white heads. And Essano, which never seemed to fully clean my makeup off and the exfoliator was way too abrasive I’d come out of the shower looking like a very embarrassed pikachu.
But when I started Maverick, I began to care about myself a lot more.
I love the all-natural ingredients from Antipodes and their green beauty ethos.

“Be assured by our Green beauty ethos which aspires to ecologically sound values, full organic certification, traceability of sustainable ingredients, the use of renewable resources and the lightest of carbon footprints. Love nature. Antipodes connect with nature”

I’ve become far more consistent these past few months and I feel like I’m starting to reap the rewards! It’s probably lame to say (but it’s true so whatever) when I use Antipodes products, it makes me feel special and super luxurious it’s like an actual experience. I love the descriptions on the packaging and the Daily Ritual advice on how to use the products.

I’m still pretty crap at my skincare routine. Yes I sleep with makeup on sometimes and I rely on makeup wipes far too often) but what I have been doing these past few months seems to be doing a good job!


BEFORE: Few months back – I’ve filled in my brows with a powder and wearing mascara
NOW: No brow powder or mascara but I just had a lash tint and lift + Brow tint

I cleanse daily using the Grace gentle cream cleanser.

Get this as your FREE gift worth $51 when you buy 2 or more Antipodes products from Maverick Cosmetica

It’s creamy in texture and smells effing amazing. I want to say like an almond milk cocktail but it’s not alcoholic I swear and my skin is completely makeup free after I use it!

Which is great because that used to really piss me off.
My usually dry skin feels super soft and hydrated afterwards so it’s a winner.

I exfoliate a couple times per week using the Reincarnation exfoliator.

$47.50 from Maverick OR receive as a FREE gift when you buy 2 or more Antipodes products

I love its sweet orange scent and super gentle jojoba beads that softly lift away dead skin cells leaving only the good ones behind.

Then, depending on where I am in the month (if you know what I mean) I moisturise according to how my skin is acting.
If I’m dry (most of the time) I use the Vanilla Pod day cream which is definitely the most hydrating moisturiser I’ve come across. It has Manuka Honey active 20+ to help get rid of pesky pimples that pop up.

$58.50 from Maverick Free shipping on orders $50+

When I’m more oily, I like to go for a lighter option.

$69 from Maverick Free shipping on orders $50+

I love this lighter day cream for brightening my skin up while firming and lifting with the bee venom!

FullSizeRender (2)
LEFT: Midday yesterday RIGHT: 4pm today

At night, I’m pretty useless. But when I remember, I dab on my Manuka Honey Skin Brightening eye cream and apply a serum, still depending on how my skin is acting.

$65 from Maverick Free shipping on orders $50+

Because of my redness, I love the corrective Apostle Skin Brightening Serum. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is pure water-based so I find this great for when I’m oily too.

Shown here is the mini 30ml size. Grab the full 60ml size for $65 from Maverick get Free shipping on orders $50+ 

But when my skin is super dry, I use the Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum to pamper and give me life. It is so luxurious and rich in essential fatty acids so helps my delicate skin rejuvenate over night.

$57.20 from Maverick get free shipping on orders $50+

Whenever it’s that time of the month, my skin gets super oily. So I’ve been loving having a nice Lush bubble bath and pampering with the Aura mask. Manuka honey Active 20+ has potent antibacterial properties to cleanse and help clear blemishes and it puts me in a much better mood! So needless to say my boyfriend loves Antipodes too.

$50.10 from Maverick get free shipping on orders $50+  

After a bath you gotta moisturise the bod! I love using the Heavenly Body Oil because it is rich in healthy, certified organic avocado, macadamia, jojoba and rosehip oils. It smells amazing of jasmine flower and relaxing lavender perfect for bed time.

$48.50 from Maverick Free shipping on orders $50+

The one thing I do manage to use consistently, apart from the luxurious Nirvana Body Wash that literally smells like a bushwalk in the summer (I don’t know how but it does and it’s amazing) …

$39.80 from Maverick get free shipping on orders $50+

… is my Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner. I will never stop using this, it is the best thing ever for my lips. I have quite full lips and they seem to get damaged really easily from the cold harsh winter winds but even in the heat they get sun damaged. So I always carry my lip conditioner with me to keep them nicely soft and protected.

$25 from Maverick free shipping on orders $50+

And of COURSE if you know me you already know I love my Joyful hand cream! (Because chances are I’ve said to you “smell my hands” at least once) It smells bloody amazing and keeps your hands super soft. I reckon it’s pretty important to include caring for the skin on your hands like you would your face, neck and chest. The skin on your hands tend to show signs of ageing so if you care about that like me then this is for you!

$42.90 from Maverick get free shipping on orders $50+

And that is everything I use to get my skin looking the best it has in ages! I hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know if you did, it makes my day hearing your comments.

Keep being you

Megan x


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