The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Lash Extensions.

I’ll admit it. I’m getting lazier and lazier each year. So although makeup is fun, sometimes I just can’t be bothered with it.
Mascara is definitely a MVP when it comes to feeling good about myself.
So the solution here was to find a way to get great lashes while doing sweet F.A.


Lash extensions sounded like the best bet. But I had seen a lot of bad experiences in a Facebook group I’m in about girls losing their natural lashes in the process, allergic reactions and having their eyes glued shut.

giphy (6)

The lazy side of me won and I decided to try them anyway.
I love supporting ladies who are changing their lives to follow their passion and start their own business! I noticed someone I recently met had just qualified and set up her own Lash Extension business so I was immediately motivated to support her and get them done!
Nicole from NikkiNu Lashes is based in Lower Hutt, although sometimes she ventures up the coast to Kāpiti.
So luckily for me she came to my house for my appointment!
I wanted to get some good tips out of her for the blog so we sat down and had a chat.

How long have you been doing lashes and what training have you taken on?
I’ve been doing lash extensions for one month now and I am a certified Nouveau Lash Extend Technician. Nouveau Lash is a company based in the U.K and they are entirely cruelty free. The course included in-depth study of the anatomy of the eye aswell as contraindications of the eyes that may stop people from being able to get lash extensions, as you have to be aware of how the eye works for safe application.

How did you get into it?
I’ve been studying since the start of the year and I finally decided to just go for it! Working from home is ideal especially for when kids come into the picture.
Next, I’ll be doing spray tans (aswell as lashes)!

That’s so exciting! What are your best tips for sustaining lashes after the appointment?
Don’t pick your lashes! And don’t rub your eyes. Use a spoolie to brush through instead of adjusting with your fingers if you need to because oils from your fingers get to the adhesive which loosens it up. This is why you should use oil-free products and makeup remover aswell.
If you wear glasses, check with your lash technician before application because you don’t want your lashes flapping against the lenses of your glasses!
Your natural lash length is a good guide for how long your extensions should go.

When should I get the lashes infilled?
Every 2-3 weeks. Ideally, 3 weeks because this coincides with the end of your lash cycle so you will get better results which is more cost efficient.
It is also ideal to replace the whole set after 12 weeks for hygiene purposes and you may feel like a change of style!

Is it like acrylic nails in the sense that you should not remove them yourself?
You can, there’s a safe home removal kit in the pamphlet that you can order through me. Some people prefer this way as it is more flexible for them.

What can I expect after this appointment? Like, when will the lashes fall out?
The only reason the extensions will fall out is when your natural lash falls due to its cycle. You’ll know because your natural lash will be attached to the extension.
You lose 2-3 lashes each day on each eye. Sometimes people think they are losing more when they have extensions because they are far more noticeable, but it is completely normal.

True, can I wash my face as normal? How about eyeliner removal?
Be really gentle! Try not to use cotton pads on the eye area, the cotton fibres will get caught in the lashes. You can use your fingers but have a light touch. Always use oil free makeup remover on your eyes. Check any other products that they are oil free such as eye creams etc.

So with that info down I was feeling confident and we got started!
I got a C curl lash and I opted for more volume and longer lashes on the outer corner of my eyes for a cat eye effect.
I also purchased a cruelty free black sealant from Nicole to keep my natural lashes healthy and maintain the adhesive of the extensions.

I was so stoked with how they looked!
It’s been several days since my appointment and I’m super impressed with how the lashes have maintained!


I sleep on my side and with an eye mask on which seems to really help protect my lashes from my slumber. So I would recommend wearing one!
I apply the sealant every day and use a spoolie to comb my lashes. As I mentioned, the sealant is in black and it does give a liquid eyeliner effect so if you would like a more natural look, the clear sealant is definitely your best bet.
I apply the sealant in the morning and then remove at night.

I would also recommend taking note of your habits before getting extensions. If you like to rub your eyes, like me, then you ought to be mindful of this. I wear contacts and when I take them out I’ve caught myself about to give my eyes a good rub and have had to stop myself just in time!

The lashes have endured the elements and I’m really impressed! I was walking down to the post shop yesterday to drop off orders and I got caught in a massive downpour and hail! But my lashes prevailed!

I coincided my hair wash with my appointment because I did not want to get my lashes wet or amongst steam for the first 24-48 hours! The longer you can push this the better because you will give the adhesive it’s best chance to fully cure (set) for longevity.

I’ve been cleansing with cotton tips and my fingers using an oil free micellar water which has worked really well!
A couple of lashes fell out on Wednesday (3 days after appointment) while cleaning which is normal and wasn’t painful, as to say they weren’t pulled out, and there are no gaps from this occurring.

I’m really loving my new lashes and think this is such a great way to wake up feeling awesome! I reckon if you have to wake up early to get to work, these will help cut your getting ready time down which is never a bad thing.

Nicole is an absolute babe who makes you feel super comfortable and is more than happy to answer your questions. She also provides top banter throughout the appointment and will safely guide you to your loo halfway through your session because you had to meet your 3-litres-of-water-a-day target. A true legend.

giphy (7)

I hope this blog has helped any of you who are thinking of getting lash extensions!

Keep being you

Megan x

Megan is the CEO of Maverick Cosmetica
Maverick is a New Zealand online makeup store out of Megan’s home on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast.
All orders $50+ receive FREE shipping NZ wide
Buy any 2 Antipodes products + receive a free Reincarnation exfoliator or Grace facial cleanser while stocks last xx


2 thoughts on “The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Lash Extensions.

  1. I lost some length off my natural lashes when I had my 1st lash extensions removed – apparently the salon I went to used a pair of scissors for this! I swear my lashes have not regained their natural length till now. I had them removed because the glue used to burn my eyes after I’d remove my contacts for the day, making in-filling not an option. I still salivate over them though!


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