How To: Get Shit Done

Allow me to tell you something you already know: Life’s all about balance.

Some days you eat healthy and drink plenty of water.
Others you do a late night trip to maccas with your boyfriend singing “double..double dinner, double dinner, double dinner double dinner” to the tune of Game of Thrones and order steamed buns.

Some days you wake up early without an alarm feeling refreshed, actually do your laundry, hang shit on the clothesline (!) and then proceed to fold. and. put. it. all. away.

I know. It astounds me as well.

Other days you moan and groan, dragging your feet and proceed to tell anyone in a meter radius how you feel every god damn minute.

Seriously, if you could go an hour without saying how tired you are, you could achieve anything.


I recently wrote about Procrastination and how it can rule your life like some sort of negativity-fuelled overlord that feeds off untidy kitchens, full vacuum cleaner bags and your own self-loathing.

This time, I want to tell you how to grasp the rope of Productivity and get out of that sinking sand.

I would say once and for all, but lying isn’t my strong suit.

giphy (8)

Don’t set the bar too high by jumping in the deep end.

Hun. You’re not Drake and why would you want to be you can’t go from 0 to 100 real quick. Habits take time to change, so allow that for yourself. Start with making adjustments in your mental attitude and reward yourself for the progress you’re starting to make. Having good support from those around you is important. Sometimes people will raise their eyebrows at you for making changes. You need to have faith in yourself and only listen to those who want to bring you up.

Take note of when you’re doing things that make you feel good.

This is also known as being mindful.
A way that I’ve found to completely rewire my brain is at the end of every day, write down 3 things you are grateful for. It can be so simple. Sometimes mine are just being grateful that I have 2 eyes that work and all of my fingers and toes. 

Then, at the end of every month, it’s a good time to reflect on how you’ve been feeling and acting. Making a conscious effort to do this means that you will be able to identify what you’d like to work on and more importantly, what you’re doing well at. 

The more often you consciously do these two things, the easier it gets. You form a type of muscle memory in your brain and it becomes automatic. You will suddenly be so grateful and happy while also being able to recognise what you bring to the table life-wise which I have found to be so important for my self-worth.

Indulge (and then get back into it).

The more you deprive yourself, the more you will be drawn to the things you are avoiding. Get the duvet day out of the way and get back amongst it tomorrow.


If you don’t do it, don’t expect someone else to.

In other words, don’t put things off hoping that if you don’t do it, your partner/flatmate/mum will pick up the slack. No sugar-coating here (I’m on a diet) be harshly honest with yourself. There’s no such thing as “it’s not my turn to do the dishes”. You’ve literally just made that rule up so you can do fuck all.

Don’t do things for anyone other than yourself.

If you do things “for” someone with an expectation behind it, you’re not being kind you’re doing a weirdo business deal that the other person has no idea they’re part of.
And that’s really unfair.
Also, it increases the chance of resentment building and decreases the chance of you continuing to do the good things. Your motivation is coming from an external source which means you are putting that power in something other than you.
You will wonder why no one treats you the way you would treat them and essentially put yourself on a pedestal built from false pretences.
Find it within yourself. You will hold it and nothing can take it from you.

giphy (9)

Obviously, things happen in life that will get you down and it can be so easy to absorb the vibes other people (and even events) emit. And when you’re feeling like shit, you won’t want to do anything!

Building that resilience is extremely important. 

There’s that saying “an entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside of the ship”. Taking care of yourself is the equivalent to fixing any holes in your ship so the little things in life won’t get in and weigh you down.


Build yourself strong. When things are thrown at you, take your time to take care of yourself, feel what needs to be felt and keep doing the things that you know make you feel better. Don’t let those bad vibes come in too far and undo all of your good work.

I hope you have a productive and happy week!!

Keep being you

Megan x


How To: Not Get Anything Done

Yep, this is the 4th 6th time I’ve sat down to write this post.
Life, and by life I obviously mean the internet, seems to just get in the way.

Procrastination is rife thanks to Facebook.
It has nothing to do with who you are as a person.
Trust me, the fact that you leave everything to the last minute is the internets responsibility.

I blame it entirely for this yarn in which I will pass on to you, the internetual gems that have stitched up any chance I ever had of bringing you some quality content.

  1. The first thing that led me astray is this, the Hauraki Bhuja boys and Jacinda Ardern interview.
    Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte are the greatest. Of all time.

  2.  Bloody Gordan Ramsay teaching me how to make fondant potatoes
    Great now I’m hungry.

  3.  This cute Simba shit


4. This quiz that solves your existential crisis

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Here. Allow me to help you procrastinate even further:

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And if you’re like me, good luck getting shit done.

Keep being you

Megan x

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How To: Survive Being Sick

Being sick sucks. Duh.
Especially when you and your partner (or whoever you live with) are both sick at the same time.
You lose all motivation to do anything. Like think about another blog post topic. So Tim reckoned I could write about being sick. Genius.


Anyone who has racked up approx. 26 laps round the sun is destined to have their fair share of tummy bugs and flus.
In this time, I’ve discovered a few tips on how to make being out of sorts not the absolute worst state to be in.
You’re welcome.

Step 1 – Gather Treats.
You deserve the finer things in life at this time.
If you’ve got an itchy throat, snack on crisps throughout the day as the texture will scratch for you on the way down. Or nuts are good for this too actually. Treat yo’self though. Delicious chocolate hugs you from the inside out. Cosy, warm cups of tea is also ideal, keep your fluids up my friend! Remember to sip water throughout the day.
If you’ve got a fever, store Kiwifruit in the fridge and eat em cold. They are super high in Vitamin C (more so than basic oranges) and high in fiber and enzymes help cheer up any grumbly tummys.

Step 2 – Make A Cosy Nest.
Big blankets and lots of pillows are key. Light a couple of candles for soft lighting. Harsh, cruel things like the sun and Outside World should be avoided. Turn your phone on to “Night Shift” This is the visual equivalent of a warm hug from your phone instead of an icy blue scream that burns your eyes out.

Step 3 – Enlist Cute Sick Buddy.

Lull your pet/boyfriend/girlfriend into a false sense of security via loving eyes and soft, docile tones. Once they think they are safe, ensnare them into Cosy Nest. Force affection from them and make them love you. You are fragile, precious thing and they must treat you as such.

Step 4 – Watch Wholesome Movies.
My faves for this time in life are:

– Harry Potter. All of them. Obviously.
– The Craft. Classic 90s vibes.
– Nick Frost & Simon Pegg movies.
Note: not ones where they’re on their own, those movies are shit. They have to be starring together.

– Anything Dick van Dyke.
Basically, stuff that doesn’t make you think or get your heart rate up.

Step 5 – More Treats.

Have all the treats!
Put on a glorious facial mask, run a bath chuck in a Lush bubble bar, and order a takeaway. Just do it. If you can be bothered, put your towel in the dryer while you’re in the bath for extra cosy once you get out. You’re worth it.

Step 6 – Remember.
You will be a bit mental at this time of illness. You will speak in riddles and utter nonsense and that’s ok. Your Sick Buddy will inevitably get sick of your shit so let them run away from you for a bit.
But don’t fret because they shall return. The enticing Cosy Nest will always win.
Remember to rest and take the time your body needs to get back on track! Also remember when you’re well, how good it is to be on form and be grateful for your health.

Keep being you

Megan xx

Megan is the CEO of Maverick Cosmetica
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The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Lash Extensions.

I’ll admit it. I’m getting lazier and lazier each year. So although makeup is fun, sometimes I just can’t be bothered with it.
Mascara is definitely a MVP when it comes to feeling good about myself.
So the solution here was to find a way to get great lashes while doing sweet F.A.


Lash extensions sounded like the best bet. But I had seen a lot of bad experiences in a Facebook group I’m in about girls losing their natural lashes in the process, allergic reactions and having their eyes glued shut.

giphy (6)

The lazy side of me won and I decided to try them anyway.
I love supporting ladies who are changing their lives to follow their passion and start their own business! I noticed someone I recently met had just qualified and set up her own Lash Extension business so I was immediately motivated to support her and get them done!
Nicole from NikkiNu Lashes is based in Lower Hutt, although sometimes she ventures up the coast to Kāpiti.
So luckily for me she came to my house for my appointment!
I wanted to get some good tips out of her for the blog so we sat down and had a chat.

How long have you been doing lashes and what training have you taken on?
I’ve been doing lash extensions for one month now and I am a certified Nouveau Lash Extend Technician. Nouveau Lash is a company based in the U.K and they are entirely cruelty free. The course included in-depth study of the anatomy of the eye aswell as contraindications of the eyes that may stop people from being able to get lash extensions, as you have to be aware of how the eye works for safe application.

How did you get into it?
I’ve been studying since the start of the year and I finally decided to just go for it! Working from home is ideal especially for when kids come into the picture.
Next, I’ll be doing spray tans (aswell as lashes)!

That’s so exciting! What are your best tips for sustaining lashes after the appointment?
Don’t pick your lashes! And don’t rub your eyes. Use a spoolie to brush through instead of adjusting with your fingers if you need to because oils from your fingers get to the adhesive which loosens it up. This is why you should use oil-free products and makeup remover aswell.
If you wear glasses, check with your lash technician before application because you don’t want your lashes flapping against the lenses of your glasses!
Your natural lash length is a good guide for how long your extensions should go.

When should I get the lashes infilled?
Every 2-3 weeks. Ideally, 3 weeks because this coincides with the end of your lash cycle so you will get better results which is more cost efficient.
It is also ideal to replace the whole set after 12 weeks for hygiene purposes and you may feel like a change of style!

Is it like acrylic nails in the sense that you should not remove them yourself?
You can, there’s a safe home removal kit in the pamphlet that you can order through me. Some people prefer this way as it is more flexible for them.

What can I expect after this appointment? Like, when will the lashes fall out?
The only reason the extensions will fall out is when your natural lash falls due to its cycle. You’ll know because your natural lash will be attached to the extension.
You lose 2-3 lashes each day on each eye. Sometimes people think they are losing more when they have extensions because they are far more noticeable, but it is completely normal.

True, can I wash my face as normal? How about eyeliner removal?
Be really gentle! Try not to use cotton pads on the eye area, the cotton fibres will get caught in the lashes. You can use your fingers but have a light touch. Always use oil free makeup remover on your eyes. Check any other products that they are oil free such as eye creams etc.

So with that info down I was feeling confident and we got started!
I got a C curl lash and I opted for more volume and longer lashes on the outer corner of my eyes for a cat eye effect.
I also purchased a cruelty free black sealant from Nicole to keep my natural lashes healthy and maintain the adhesive of the extensions.

I was so stoked with how they looked!
It’s been several days since my appointment and I’m super impressed with how the lashes have maintained!


I sleep on my side and with an eye mask on which seems to really help protect my lashes from my slumber. So I would recommend wearing one!
I apply the sealant every day and use a spoolie to comb my lashes. As I mentioned, the sealant is in black and it does give a liquid eyeliner effect so if you would like a more natural look, the clear sealant is definitely your best bet.
I apply the sealant in the morning and then remove at night.

I would also recommend taking note of your habits before getting extensions. If you like to rub your eyes, like me, then you ought to be mindful of this. I wear contacts and when I take them out I’ve caught myself about to give my eyes a good rub and have had to stop myself just in time!

The lashes have endured the elements and I’m really impressed! I was walking down to the post shop yesterday to drop off orders and I got caught in a massive downpour and hail! But my lashes prevailed!

I coincided my hair wash with my appointment because I did not want to get my lashes wet or amongst steam for the first 24-48 hours! The longer you can push this the better because you will give the adhesive it’s best chance to fully cure (set) for longevity.

I’ve been cleansing with cotton tips and my fingers using an oil free micellar water which has worked really well!
A couple of lashes fell out on Wednesday (3 days after appointment) while cleaning which is normal and wasn’t painful, as to say they weren’t pulled out, and there are no gaps from this occurring.

I’m really loving my new lashes and think this is such a great way to wake up feeling awesome! I reckon if you have to wake up early to get to work, these will help cut your getting ready time down which is never a bad thing.

Nicole is an absolute babe who makes you feel super comfortable and is more than happy to answer your questions. She also provides top banter throughout the appointment and will safely guide you to your loo halfway through your session because you had to meet your 3-litres-of-water-a-day target. A true legend.

giphy (7)

I hope this blog has helped any of you who are thinking of getting lash extensions!

Keep being you

Megan x

Megan is the CEO of Maverick Cosmetica
Maverick is a New Zealand online makeup store out of Megan’s home on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast.
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Kids + Makeup = ?

Spending time on Social Media has become an essential part of my job.
I start to notice patterns and trends, and one of these recurring themes is of little ones doing makeup looks.

You have probably seen Bella before on Facebook or Instagram.
I’ve read a couple of articles about this gorgeous girl and her talent. I reckon it is absolutely fantastic when you see little ones finding a passion for something.
I think it is crucial to support anyone when they find an interest, especially children as I believe fostering hobbies when you’re young helps shape you and give you a sense of purpose when you’re older.

For some it’s music, art, writing or sports.
When I was younger, I loved writing creatively and would relish the times allocated by teachers for “Sustained Silent Reading” and creative writing tasks.
My parents fully supported and encouraged me in this and I believe it is extremely important to be aware of what you are good at in life.
In the past, I allowed myself to forget my good qualities and that positive mental attitude is very hard to gain back once lost, so instilling it in others is very important to me.

To see young ones, boys and girls alike, having fun with makeup is fucking awesome!

But it did make me think. How would I feel if my own child started nicking my makeup?

Aside from the fact that this could get very expensive


I also can’t help but think about the risks involved with posting pictures of children on the internet.

As I’m not (yet) a parent, maybe some will think I’m not qualified to comment.
But I also believe that it is somewhat naive to turn a blind eye to the dangers of posting online. It is so easy for people to simply Screen Shot and then they have that image for whatever purpose they want.

I think that with anything, you can’t let fear hold you back from living your life the way you want to. But when there’s another person involved, doesn’t it stop being solely about you and any consequences won’t affect just you?

I don’t believe there is such a thing as “too young for makeup”. It should be fun and it could be a great way to bond with your little one.
But I do believe in being careful.

I don’t think posting pictures of your kid in makeup directly equals being a bad parent. I just don’t really understand why it is necessary. Let them play and show off to family and friends but why post publicly online unless you are getting a bit of limelight for yourself at your child’s expense?

Hopefully, one day, I will have a little one of my own and if they want to play with makeup then that will be absolutely fine. If they want to take selfies and video themselves doing tutorials then they will definitely be supported.
However, to post these publicly online? Probably not.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Keep being you

Megan xx

Megan is the CEO of Maverick Cosmetica
Maverick is a New Zealand online makeup store out of Megan’s home on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast.
All orders $50+ receive FREE shipping NZ wide
Buy any 2 Antipodes products + receive a free Reincarnation exfoliator or Grace facial cleanser while stocks last xx

My Natural Skincare Routine

After last weeks blog about my insecurity with my natural skin, I thought I’d let you in on what skincare I use to help me feel my most confident!


I’ve been using Antipodes Natural Skincare on and off for the past 4 years. I started using it when I worked in pharmacy and I was offered samples to try and it made my skin feel beautiful it was all I’d recommend to customers.

The only reason I stopped using Antipodes after my pharmacy job was simply because I got lazy af.
I was literally just using makeup wipes at night and my cleanser was shampoo when I showered. I moisturised very occasionally with a moisturiser given to me for christmas by my nana.


I know.

Anyway, since I am definitely one to name names, I’ve tried other supermarket brands like Nivea, which stripped my skin of its natural oils so my skin over-produced oil to compensate and I got loads of white heads. And Essano, which never seemed to fully clean my makeup off and the exfoliator was way too abrasive I’d come out of the shower looking like a very embarrassed pikachu.
But when I started Maverick, I began to care about myself a lot more.
I love the all-natural ingredients from Antipodes and their green beauty ethos.

“Be assured by our Green beauty ethos which aspires to ecologically sound values, full organic certification, traceability of sustainable ingredients, the use of renewable resources and the lightest of carbon footprints. Love nature. Antipodes connect with nature”

I’ve become far more consistent these past few months and I feel like I’m starting to reap the rewards! It’s probably lame to say (but it’s true so whatever) when I use Antipodes products, it makes me feel special and super luxurious it’s like an actual experience. I love the descriptions on the packaging and the Daily Ritual advice on how to use the products.

I’m still pretty crap at my skincare routine. Yes I sleep with makeup on sometimes and I rely on makeup wipes far too often) but what I have been doing these past few months seems to be doing a good job!


BEFORE: Few months back – I’ve filled in my brows with a powder and wearing mascara
NOW: No brow powder or mascara but I just had a lash tint and lift + Brow tint

I cleanse daily using the Grace gentle cream cleanser.

Get this as your FREE gift worth $51 when you buy 2 or more Antipodes products from Maverick Cosmetica

It’s creamy in texture and smells effing amazing. I want to say like an almond milk cocktail but it’s not alcoholic I swear and my skin is completely makeup free after I use it!

Which is great because that used to really piss me off.
My usually dry skin feels super soft and hydrated afterwards so it’s a winner.

I exfoliate a couple times per week using the Reincarnation exfoliator.

$47.50 from Maverick OR receive as a FREE gift when you buy 2 or more Antipodes products

I love its sweet orange scent and super gentle jojoba beads that softly lift away dead skin cells leaving only the good ones behind.

Then, depending on where I am in the month (if you know what I mean) I moisturise according to how my skin is acting.
If I’m dry (most of the time) I use the Vanilla Pod day cream which is definitely the most hydrating moisturiser I’ve come across. It has Manuka Honey active 20+ to help get rid of pesky pimples that pop up.

$58.50 from Maverick Free shipping on orders $50+

When I’m more oily, I like to go for a lighter option.

$69 from Maverick Free shipping on orders $50+

I love this lighter day cream for brightening my skin up while firming and lifting with the bee venom!

FullSizeRender (2)
LEFT: Midday yesterday RIGHT: 4pm today

At night, I’m pretty useless. But when I remember, I dab on my Manuka Honey Skin Brightening eye cream and apply a serum, still depending on how my skin is acting.

$65 from Maverick Free shipping on orders $50+

Because of my redness, I love the corrective Apostle Skin Brightening Serum. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is pure water-based so I find this great for when I’m oily too.

Shown here is the mini 30ml size. Grab the full 60ml size for $65 from Maverick get Free shipping on orders $50+ 

But when my skin is super dry, I use the Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenish Serum to pamper and give me life. It is so luxurious and rich in essential fatty acids so helps my delicate skin rejuvenate over night.

$57.20 from Maverick get free shipping on orders $50+

Whenever it’s that time of the month, my skin gets super oily. So I’ve been loving having a nice Lush bubble bath and pampering with the Aura mask. Manuka honey Active 20+ has potent antibacterial properties to cleanse and help clear blemishes and it puts me in a much better mood! So needless to say my boyfriend loves Antipodes too.

$50.10 from Maverick get free shipping on orders $50+  

After a bath you gotta moisturise the bod! I love using the Heavenly Body Oil because it is rich in healthy, certified organic avocado, macadamia, jojoba and rosehip oils. It smells amazing of jasmine flower and relaxing lavender perfect for bed time.

$48.50 from Maverick Free shipping on orders $50+

The one thing I do manage to use consistently, apart from the luxurious Nirvana Body Wash that literally smells like a bushwalk in the summer (I don’t know how but it does and it’s amazing) …

$39.80 from Maverick get free shipping on orders $50+

… is my Kiwi Seed Oil Lip Conditioner. I will never stop using this, it is the best thing ever for my lips. I have quite full lips and they seem to get damaged really easily from the cold harsh winter winds but even in the heat they get sun damaged. So I always carry my lip conditioner with me to keep them nicely soft and protected.

$25 from Maverick free shipping on orders $50+

And of COURSE if you know me you already know I love my Joyful hand cream! (Because chances are I’ve said to you “smell my hands” at least once) It smells bloody amazing and keeps your hands super soft. I reckon it’s pretty important to include caring for the skin on your hands like you would your face, neck and chest. The skin on your hands tend to show signs of ageing so if you care about that like me then this is for you!

$42.90 from Maverick get free shipping on orders $50+

And that is everything I use to get my skin looking the best it has in ages! I hope you enjoyed this post.
Let me know if you did, it makes my day hearing your comments.

Keep being you

Megan x

How To: Love Your Natural Skin

This weeks blog, I wanted to share some personal stuff that I haven’t really told anyone before!
I want to do this in the hopes that it may help someone out there. Even if it’s just in a small sense to help them feel like they have someone to relate to and maybe give some comfort in knowing they aren’t alone and that it’s more than okay to be you. (approx. 7 min read xx)

Ever since I was in primary school, I remember feeling self-conscious about the way I look.

I had rosy red cheeks and very fair eyebrows which also had a red hue on the skin behind them.
I’m sure this is far more common than not, but I didn’t have any friends who looked like me.

Other kids used to say weird shit to me like “do you shave your eyebrows?”.

giphy (5)
Also in my family I would be teased. Families often joke with each other and that’s totally normal but in particular, one aunty would tease me about my chubby cheeks, “huge” arms and barely-there brows. Which made me feel like the odd one out. A weirdo.
However, I was young and assumed everyone in my family loved me anyway, no matter what I did or looked like.

But I can recall the final instance that really got to me.
I was about 7 or 8 years old and we were lining up for the yearly class photos.
You know the one, when you had to go sit with everyone in your class and look all keen, finally get the picture and then shuffle off into another queue to smile like a geek for a solitary shot that your mum would dish out to the grandparents.

The geek herself aged about 7?
Anyway, it was in this queue that the principal came up to me and asked me to “wipe that lipstick off my face” to which I replied with a blank stare.
What lipstick?
He then held up his thumb and tried to wipe. my. eyebrows. off.

tenor (2).gif
He let out a confused “huh” sound before he realised and scuttled off back to his office.
I was stunned and not sure as to who was the most embarrassed by this interaction.
But I went inside feeling really sad and, well, ugly.

This feeling stuck and I fully dwelled on it becoming hyper-sensitive to comments about my appearance.
I started comparing myself to my friends and I remember I would stop eating my lunch and throw it away in some sort of compensation, as though I didn’t deserve it.

It was somewhat of a relief when a year or so later I went through chemo and all my hair fell out. Like, at least now I matched.
My rosy-red cheeks disappeared entirely as there was little life left in me.

As my hair started growing back around age 12, I discovered makeup.
All I wanted to do was blend in to the crowd so I learnt how to cover my redness and pencil in my brows.
I finally felt like I looked somewhat normal.

I can’t say I was excited about leaving Intermediate and heading to high school. I wasn’t excited about anything, really.
But I was ready to leave behind the awkward in-betweener stage of my life where I was only known as “the girl in the blue beanie” or, my favourite, “Smeagol”. To be fair I was sick af and did actually look like this lol so at least they we were accurate.

giphy (4)
So, I continued playing with makeup through high school.
Despite the other girls who would take the piss out of me for it. I resented their hissing whispers but kept practising. I remember hating pretty much everyone at my school and I know I was really hard to be around. I would carry all the side-eyed looks, rumours and backstabbing around with me and bring the negative vibes home.
However, makeup never eventuated into anything more than a tool I used to make myself feel more comfortable about my appearance.

This became rather dangerous as I quickly believed that I needed makeup in order to even leave the house.
I felt like if I looked perfect then nobody could diss me for anything. Like I was taking their ammo away.
Rules started forming in my mind about how I was supposed to look and even friends and family weren’t allowed to see me without my makeup on.
I was so incredibly insecure and actually fearful of being seen without it.

As the years went by, this fear increased in depth and enveloped me.
Now, no one was allowed to touch my face.
Even if a friend reached out and said “oh, there’s a hair stuck on your face let me get it off for you” I would recoil and I’m sure a couple of times I snapped at them to not touch my face.
I couldn’t accept any compliments because I felt like they would never say those nice things to me if they knew what I “really” looked like.

Bout 15 ay
I’m well aware now of how silly all that may seem and how I really held myself back. I can now see how almost childish it is to depend on other people’s validation for your own self worth. You need to have it within you and it can’t be something someone can take away from you.
If you’re not “hot” in school, then that’s all good. You just haven’t peaked yet. Who would want to be the kind of person who wants to live in the past and will never be the “greatest” like they were in high school.


It’s such a shame because carrying around any sort of fear is really unhealthy and I quickly developed social anxiety and multiple types of depression.

Disclaimer: Of course, it wasn’t just my appearance that contributed to my deteriorating mental health.
I suffered from PTSD due to the multiple hospital experiences but, I’d be in denial if I didn’t acknowledge that it played a role.
So to keep it relative to the subject, that is as far as I will disclose here.
I’m so grateful that I now have a full grip on what contributed to my multiple mental health issues in the past. I reckon it’s really important to get to know anything you are experiencing through honest self-reflection and research.
By reflecting back on events, I can pin point what events lead me to feel certain things and develop core beliefs that limited me.
This helps me explain to myself what the hell I was on about back then. It has helped me to forgive others and myself,  learn from it and ultimately get the f u c k over it.
And so, now that I am fully through the dark tunnel and loving my life on the other side, I would be more than willing to share my experiences in further detail in another blog post if anyone would find it at all useful or comforting.

So how did I learn to love my natural skin?
The truth is, I don’t.
Not 100%. Not yet.
But what I have learnt is that I am ok, just the way I am.
By investing in skincare that really works for me and with the help of my amazing partner, I have felt comfortable enough to let friends and family see me without a full face of makeup.
Some even without any makeup at all.
He has also encouraged me and helped me to go out the house to the supermarket with no makeup on at all and interact with the staff there.
This may seem ridiculous to some of you, and that’s ok because that means you’ve never felt so incredibly low about yourself so I’m genuinely happy for you.

Speaking openly about it definitely helps too.
My good friend said she could relate to this. She said something about her own insecurity that really rang true, “it’s just a characteristic like curly hair or brown eyes. It’s just a part of you not something you should feel you have to hide.”

It may not be every time I leave the house that I feel comfortable enough to wear no makeup, but the amount of times I can is increasing.

I hope this “back-story” post has helped some of you to feel like you’re not alone in your past experiences and that you’re allowed to be you, no matter what that looks like.

I’ll be doing more posts about my natural skin after my vaycay!
I got my brows cosmetically tattooed a few years ago and after a few consultations this year, I’ve been informed that the woman who did them pretty much fucked them up lol sooo they have to be fixed now. Yay.
I will definitely be blogging about this experience too with advice!
There will also be a post on my skincare routine featuring before and after pics of my bare skin! So stay tuned and follow if you’re interested in getting some great skincare tips.

Keep being you,

Megan xx

Megan is the CEO of Maverick Cosmetica
Maverick is a New Zealand online makeup store out of Megan’s home on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast.
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How To: Make Your Makeup Look Great In Photos

Ever spend a good hour on your makeup slaving away only to get tagged in photos the next day and discover you looked like this?


If this sounds like a bit of you, allow me to introduce you to my tips (that I had to learn the hard way) to get you loving your photos like..
giphy (3)

1. Spf is a no no.
Keep that girl for the beach only. SPF causes the dreaded “flashback” which is when the flash of the camera bounces off making you look like Casper’s wife.
Be sure to check your finishing powder for it!
Some foundations sneakily add SPF too, so be warned. The amount of times I’ve had flashback that I felt I didn’t deserve, was because my foundation had had it’s formula changed, without my consent.

2. Do your makeup in natural lighting.
I feel like this is the best way to achieve a consistent look across all lighting, even fluorescent.
To show you an example, here’s a pic of me under fluorescent bulbs at a breast cancer awareness fundraiser.

original_url: DD350FDF-4D73-4D75-A3B1-A04040159776
I think the makeup looks all good here wbu?
If you’re doing your makeup in the evening and don’t have a fancy ring light (I don’t either) then I just check my “base makeup” (what I like to call my foundation + concealer + contour +powder) under different lights in the house.
You know how sometimes you look sweet in the bathroom mirror, but then in the kitchen or bedroom it’s completely different? Yeah.
Am I over-thinking it? Maybe. But hey, you wanted to know.


3. Not to prime, is a crime honey.
Priming is pretty key even if you’re not expecting photo ops.
But to skip the primer here means any bumps and lines are sure to rear their annoying heads in those bright lights.
The best primers feel soft and smooth once applied on my skin, kind of like a silicone feel.
My favourite is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Skin Transformer Primer.
Let it soak in and warm with your skin before applying foundation. This may mean you have to take more time but the results will speak for themselves.
tenor (1)

4. Don’t go too light.
It’s best to find under eye concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation for subtle dimension but sustain full blown coverage.
My favourite concealer Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment

5. Opt for both.
If you choose between blush and bronzer, it will make you look flat.
Bronzer frames the face and blush is for them apples on your cheeks.
Dabble in both, but don’t get too heavy with it.
Remember, it’s best to add a little and if more is needed, go ahead. It’s easier to build than take away.
If you do need to lessen the impact, grab a little bit of skin toned powder to blend the blush and bronzer together.

6. Fake it, girl.
Falsies always make your eyes look complete on film.
If you feel like the traditional banded lashes are a bit “too much”, opt for individual falsies and place them on the outer edges for a more natural definition.


I hope these tips have been helpful and not telling you shit you already know.
Let me know your best tips in the comments I wanna hear ’em!

Keep being you!

Megan xx


Megan is the CEO of Maverick Cosmetica
Maverick is a New Zealand online makeup store out of Megan’s home on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast.
All orders $50+ receive FREE shipping NZ wide
Buy any 2 Antipodes products + receive a free Reincarnation exfoliator or Grace facial cleanser while stocks last xx

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

I’ve heard this question being asked many times and after a conversation with my partner in the car yesterday it shone some light on how I would answer this…
With the help of my good friend Lauren Conrad xx


  1. People try to bring you down because of their own fear and insecurities.tumblr_mcxihcRSHV1r50vbpo1_500
    You are just a mirror showing people what they’re doing or NOT doing and people may be threatened by that.
    If you are having a great time and using skills you are developing to be creative and you want to pursue that, you may show people that they aren’t making the best of their time.
    So they may make jokes at your expense to cut you down.
    This is the classic Tall Poppy Syndrome.
    As hard as it is to hear, some of your friends may not want you to do well. They may want you to be happy, but not happier than them. They may cheer you on and hope you succeed, but not more successful than them.
    So if your friends take the piss out of you, just laugh with them. Because in the future, your skills will be being put to good use while they will be sitting on the same couch they have been for the past decade.
    This is sad but I can guarantee you, you won’t regret getting good at something and making something of it.
    Value the friends who genuinely love seeing you ascend and tell you, you inspire them. They’re the lights in your life.

  2. You’re allowed.
    To be happy, to love yourself, to dance in front of the mirror, to sing terribly, to like the way you look, to be proud of your achievements. You is fine.
  3. Empathy is important.
    Not just for understanding your friends and helping them through any tough times they may be experiencing, but also for understanding why someone may be treating you unfairly.
    Taking the time to ask yourself what kind of day they may have had (or even what you know about their life) will help you to not take things so personally.
    If you genuinely believe you haven’t done anything wrong and someone is bringing you down, they may just feel threatened or jealous as they are comparing their deepest self to your projection of who you are.
    They don’t truly know you so they cannot truly judge you.
    If something someone says to you pushes a button and “hits home” then don’t feel the need to attack them in defence but instead think about why that matters to you so much.
    Is it something that you don’t like about yourself? Something that you do outwardly as an action that you feel contradicts your core beliefs?
    Then take that as an opportunity to change and to grow as a person.
    It may seem cheesy but the only person you should be better than is the person you were yesterday.

  4. Stop shopping at Supré.
    Just. Stop.

  5. Be mindful about what makes you happy.
    When you feel excited about something and motivated by something, take note! Because these things make up who you are. You are most beautiful when you speak about what you’re passionate about.
    If you don’t, you will lose that and completely forget what made you happy.
    The question “what do you like to do?” will draw a daunting blank space in your mind. You will have no idea.
    Knowing what makes you feel good is so important for self care and also for what you may want to pursue as a career option.
    Follow and listen to your heart and you’ll never be lost.

  6. You’re allowed to say no to things you don’t want to do, it’s fine.

    Self care is the most unselfish thing you can do.
    If you take the time to make sure you have a calm mind and healthy view of the world, everyone you come across will feel that from you.
    You will greet people with a smile and you will shine your light on them and that can help people who may be in a dark shadow at that time.
    If you can leave people feeling better than when they met you, then you’ve cracked it.
    Every time you leave the house you cast a stone into the world and you cannot measure the distance or power of this ripple effect.
    So best to put your best self forward.

  7. You’re not that funny.
    You don’t have to say everything that comes in to your mind. Shutting up once in a while will do you good.

  8. Take no shit.
    In saying all that, don’t be a doormat.
    Don’t make excuses for friends to the point where they can just treat you like their emotional rubbish bin and after every interaction you feel used and exhausted.
    If they are too far up their own ass and only want you to be a “yes-man” and tell them they are always right then this is a red flag.
    These are the types of people who just dump their issues on you.
    If when you try to show them to another point of view, so they can gain understanding that may help solve their problem, they attack you and hurt you deeply, tell them. Because you don’t need to conform. You are merely disagreeing and standing up for what you believe in.
    In this instance there’s no need to attack them, just communicate.
    Just say it.
    This is brave to do and even though they’re your friends (and they should know you aren’t trying to hurt them) they still won’t like it.
    But it’s better than bottling shit up and people having no idea they’re hurting you until you erupt and just cut them off.
    Give them a chance to change like you would want them to do for you.
    However, if you find every time you try to tell them how you feel, they attack in defence, you’re better off distancing yourself.
    You don’t need that shit.


  9. You’re not fat.
    But you will find out what that really is so stop making shit up and learn to like running.

  10. You actually do become like the people you hang out with.giphy-23
    And that should concern you.
    Be selective about the types of people you let in to your inner circle.
    Because once they’re in there, they can hurt you deeply.
    Be careful what you tell people.
    Not many people actually care about your best interests or helping you work through your current issue so that you feel better.
    They just want a story to tell.

  11. If anyone makes you feel like you’re not good enough or you’re an embarrassment to them, leave.


You don’t need to perform for them. Ever.

Thanks for reading! Until next weeks blog..


Keep being you

Megan xx

Megan is the CEO of Maverick Cosmetica.

giphy (2)giphy (1)lauren-conrad-bes-answer-ever-sex-question

Maverick is a New Zealand online makeup store out of Megan’s home on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast.
All orders $50+ receive FREE shipping NZ wide
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NEW Healthy Lipsticks From Antipodes – A Review

Antipodes is a Scientifically Validated Organic Beauty™ brand pioneering a new niche in skincare globally. They specialise in certified organic and premium natural products to enhance skin performance proven by science.
They are also renown for their Green Beauty Ethos which aspires to ecologically sound values, full organic certification, traceability of sustainable ingredients, the use of renewable resources and the lightest of carbon footprints.
Antipodes loves nature, and so do I!

That is one of the reasons why I support and use Antipodes skincare, that and because it works wonders on my dry, sensitive skin.

Now Antipodes has brought out a lipstick range and I was so excited to try it!

Moisture-Boost Natural Lipsticks Poster (1)

These lipsticks have been designed with the information in mind that everything we apply on our skin, we ingest.
Over the course of her lifetime, a woman may consume as much as three kilograms or seven pounds of lipstick into her body. She absorbs it through the skin of her lips, or swallows it when she eats or drinks. So Antipodes formulated these lipsticks with ingredients that are not only safe to consume – but actually healthy!

These healthy ingredients feature some of nature’s superfoods:

  • Avocado oil: Packed with essential fats, vitamins and minerals, Antipodes’ ‘Green gold for skin’ helps to increase collagen production and keep your lips beautifully dewy and fresh.
  • Calendula oil: Healing oil from the marigold flower has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Evening primrose oil: This edible oil is so rich in healthy fats it’s used as a natural dietary supplement.
  • Argan oil: The Moroccan nut oil balances oil production and hydrates lips for a soft, moist finish.

They also added antibacterial beeswax, deeply moisturising shea butter and jojoba oil, and even extra Vitamin E for lip nourishment. All of the lipstick ingredients are from natural origin, with only low levels of FDA-approved colour pigments added for vibrancy.

So with that in mind I thought I just had to bring these lippy’s to Maverick.

First thing I noticed was the packaging!


The boxes are made from 100% biodegradable cardboard from sustainable forests and each are different with colours co-ordinating to whichever shade, which I think is a cute touch.

The tubes are a nice weight and feel super high quality with the soft matte finish.

So far so good and I am even more excited to try it out on my lips! I’m going to try the epic-ly bright Dragon Fruit Pink.


I started by prepping my lips using my fave lip treatment e v e r the Kiwi Seed Lip Conditioner

The next thing I noticed is the unconventional shape of the lipstick.


I wasn’t too sure how this would apply to my lips as I usually rely on the regular contour of lipsticks to help me achieve a sharp outline.

But, as you can see, it worked out perfectly! (Well I reckon it did lol!)


I love the pigmented, smooth formula that feels so hydrating and ultra luxe.
You can get these healthy lipsticks from my store Maverick Cosmetica
There’s such a diverse range of flattering shades I’m so excited to try each one.

I’ll be posting each makeup look on Instagram so head over to @maverickcosmetica for some makeup looks featuring these gorgeous lippys!

Let me know which shade you’re most excited to try in the comments!

Keep being you xx



Megan is the CEO of Maverick Cosmetica.
Maverick is a New Zealand online makeup store out of Megan’s home on the beautiful Kāpiti Coast.
All orders $50+ receive FREE shipping NZ wide